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How to remove blue bra/panties from Victoria 4?
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As the title requests.

How do you remove the blue bra/panties from Victoria 4? I have Victoria 4 Base and the Morphs++ package and PowerLoader appears to load everything but i still have the annoying blue coverups that really should not be necessary in the first place…

Very frustrating to have to have to remove something that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

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If you’re talking about the purple rash bikini, that’s part of the V4 default skin. Just load another skin onto her, and it’ll go away.


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show what ThinMick adviced step to step .

1 select Victoria On scene,

2 go content library,
Poser Format> your poser contents folda>people>victoria4>Materials>V4sample-Res>
choice skin what you want to apply V4 .


If you want v4 appear on seanes with skin preset, by one click,
you can set powerloader-pro

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Better to use the materials under DAZ Studio Formats>Your content folder>People>Victoria 4>Materials>V4 Sample res (if I am remembering the path correctly). It’s those that appear in the PowerLoader dialogue.


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