Mixing different figures with Genesis.

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How do you mix different character morphs with Genesis? I load Genesis and try to use a character head from one figure and a body morph from a different figure, and it changes the head too. How do I isolate body parts so I can apply morphs just to that body part? For example, how do I use V4's head and M4's body?



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    Simply dial the head in with a negative value, so e.g. if you don't want V4's head on the V4 body, dial in the V4 body at 100% (or 1) and dial the V4 head at -100% (or -1). Then just dial in the head you want to go with the body, so M4 head in your example. That is at least how it works in Daz Studio and Poser should probably be working similar.

    You cannot automatically restrict morphs to certain body parts only, so you'd need to rely on the vendor providing e.g. separate morphs or would need a modelling application that is capable of limiting deformation impacts to e.g. certain surface groups.

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