Effortless Cool Sunglasses Distort When Fitted to Genesis

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My Effortless Cool Sunglasses distort when I fit them to Genesis.(I tried with Genesis selected and then not selected, clicked "fit to") I uninstalled it, downloaded a fresh file and that didn't help. All the clothes, bracelets, pendant are fine. Only the sunglasses are a problem. I have DS and EffortlessCoolGenesis_v1.1_trx.exe. Does anyone else have this problem or know a way to fix it?

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    That's because the morph you are using isn't one that the glasses have a custom morph of their own for, so DS is auto-generating a morph and the process isn't being kind. If you select the glasses and enable the display of hidden parameters (Parameters pane option menu, right-click on the tab to get it) you can zero the generated morphs (especially those that don't affect the overall shape of the head, as the glasses really don't need to follow those) and if need be scale and translate the glasses to make them fit.

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    Hi, Luci45,
    This issue is the same one that is described in this thread related to hair distortion. http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/6518/
    I had exactly this problem fitting these sunglasses to the Genesis Stefan character. The easiest way to find the morphs that you need to change is to enable the "Show Hidden Properties", as Richard described, and then display the "Currently Used" morphs for the sunglasses. You can't reset the morphs, you have to enter a zero value for the morph. Resetting just puts back the auto generated value. You will find that PHMEyelashesHideLayer is a big contributor to the problem. Start with setting that one to zero.

    Another problem is that after you make all the changes to the morph values and save your file, DS does not save those morph changes. Next time you open the file, all the bad morph settings have returned, and you have to change them all over again! However, the good news is that the latest Beta has fixed the save/reopen problem. Now you when you save the scene with the zeroed morphs, they will still be zeroed when you reopen the scene.

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    Thanks Richard and barbult. That did the trick. I didn't know about Hidden Properties. This will help with some hair problems too, notably Riley. :cheese: :-)

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    yes,, barbuit is right,,if save as scene , and load it,, the generated morph of the sunglass value may return default. in ds 4.5(not beta)

    but if you set the morph (not generated morph of the sunglass, the morph of character(genesis)
    option "auto-follow" check off, in parameter setting,, then save it as scene,
    ds 4.5 duf scene keep the status of morph (which cause the problem)
    and if you hope , you can save it as modified assets, but it is not good plan to change morph statas and save it,,,
    so I recommend, save character as scene or scene subset .

    1 as Richard and barbuit said,, adjust generated morph of the accessory or hair,, value to zero.
    2 the morph of the genesis, change option "auto-follow" "check off" in parameter setting .
    3 save the scene. and save the figure(genesis) as scene subsets.

    the subsets of the figure, can keep the morph setting (not auto follow) too.
    so it can not cause problem when apply or sunglass on the character, I believe.
    and it can work only for the genesis when you load the subsets.

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