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How do I search order history?
Posted: 01 December 2012 10:51 AM   [ Ignore ]
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My itemized order history seems to be in random order and i can’t organize it by date or anything else.  I need to find something specific to re-download.  Anyone know if we can search the order history somehow?

EDIT:  Found it!  still can’t figure out how to search but when i refreshed my page the items snapped into ABC order lol… nice

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Depending on where in the alphabet the first letter of the product I want to re-download is, I first change the number of items viewed per page to 50, and then I usually click on the elipses (...) which takes me to somewhere further down the list.  IOW, the first time I click on it, it takes me to the Ds, and if I click it again, it takes me to the Gs, and a third click takes me to the Ms.  That way I can decide how close I am to what I’m looking for rather than going through pages 1 by 1.

That said, of course, clicking the elipses might take you to a different set of first letters, depending on how many items you’ve purchased and where their first letters fall in the alphabet.


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