issue with DSON importer for Poser Pro 2012 and AniBlocks for Poser Pro 2012 running on Windows 7 Ul

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Hi forum,
I really need immediate assistance. I have a laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. You know how Windows 7 doesnt allow anything in the program files..everything outside in users/public/public documents..i did install the DSON Importer..but do not know what to do with the Genesis Starter Essentials core.exe and the one for poser. i have in my c:/users/public/public documents-DAZ CONTENT folder for DAZ stuff..then I have for DAZ STUDIO 4 PRO in documents/DAZ 3D/STUDIO/My Library the Genesis items.I dont want to map the Essentials for DSON importer to my DAZ STUDIO 4 PRO. I want to keep everything separate. I dont want to affect Genesis or "break the link".
i am still waiting for tech support as they dont seem to answer anymore by phone.
do i first create a My Library folder then create two more folders for GENESIS STARTER ESSENTIALS CORE AND POSER?
can i create these folders in the same location as where my DAZ CONTENT folder is-c:/users/public/public documents?
what folders need to be created...and my path. i was very confused with the instructions in the documentation. everybodys system is different.

Also I purchased the aniBlocks for does that install and how are they used. where do i get the aniBlocks for poser.
please connect or respond back. Id greatly appreciate it.


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    Genesis Starter Essentials is the same content for Poser and DS. You can install the Companion Files to My Library and point Poser to that folder as an external library too - that, with a different location, is what I do.

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