wancow's Morph Augmentation Kit (Updated: 12-16-2012)

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Basically to fill in the gaps left by the Die Trying set. I'll be adding more to it as I create them.

Right now there are:

Nose Bump
Brow Bulge
Belly Button
Chin Jutt

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    Interesting, could prove to be quite useful. For each update you might want to note the date in the page description and the readme. I'm trying to think since there was a select one or two I thought of as being "missing" but I can't place my finger on them.

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    The way I"m going to handle it is to tell you on the ShareCG page which was the very last morph I added to the pack, and where to find it. That way you can check for one item and know if you have it or not...

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    Added Chin Jutt

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