changing pose details---need help

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I am looking to change some of the finer aspects of poses. For example, I have high heels on a figure but the feet are still flat as if the heel would be sunken in the ground. I want to adjust the heel and leg upward but the feet and legs move in ways I do not want. I can get it there but only after about 30 minutes of changes. Any suggestions to better manipulate the figures?


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    I would not advise using IK to fix foot poses - instead try doing it in two steps, use the rotation controls (on the Universal Manipulator or the rotation tool in the viewport, or the sliders on the Parameters or Posing panes) to fix the feet, then, with no parts pinned, use the y translation on the hip or the root ("Genesis" or whatever) to raise the figure, or simply hit ctrl-d (cmd-d for a Mac) to drop to floor if you are not using a prop that requires the figure to be above or below the zero plane.

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    There's a PowerPose plugin that comes with Daz Studio. It comes in very handy for fine tweaking poses. I'm not on my pc right now, so i have to recall from memory, i think it's in the menu under windows-tabs-powerpose.
    If you like how it works, there's a Genesis-template available in this thread

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