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A Christmas related question

LordHardDrivenLordHardDriven Posts: 935
edited November 2012 in The Commons

I've usually been a Platinum Club member during Christmas but unfortunately this year poverty is preventing me from continuing that tradition and I can't remember where they had it before but is the 24 Days Of Christmas, where venders give away some new item made just for that event each day, held here in the Commons or is that a Platinum Club only thing?

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  • ZelrothZelroth Posts: 858
    edited December 1969

    Ya know, I cannot remember. I guess I have been a PC member too long. I think it was in the commons, but this year, I'm not counting on anything going my way.

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,902
    edited December 1969

    PA's 24 days giveaway was always in the Commons, as it was a forum wide project, not a PC thing

  • LordHardDrivenLordHardDriven Posts: 935
    edited December 1969

    chohole said:
    PA's 24 days giveaway was always in the Commons, as it was a forum wide project, not a PC thing

    Thanks Chohole, I thought that was the case I just couldn't remember for sure. With the way the economy is hitting everyone I know that may be the only Christmas presents I get this year. :(

  • ZelrothZelroth Posts: 858
    edited December 1969

    I know I could/should have started another thread asking this, but it is related so here I am.

    Is there going to a 24 Days of Christmas giveaway this year? It just one more thing that helps to signal that Christmas is just around the bend and I really LOVE seeing all of the renders that my creative co-forum members come up with.

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