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The green green glass of home.
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I notice the glass shader that comes with Daz has a greenish tinge to it. Is there a way to make it crystal clear? I made the green in it white but that just made the glass milky.

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In real life any color of glass would make it not crystal clear, so i’d think turning down the diffuse strength rather than changing the color?


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Change Opactiy and Diffuse colour.  The Shader doesn’t have a Diffuse strength parameter and with the built in Glass Shader you will need raytraced shadows and a Max Ray Trace Depth (Advanced Render Settings) of at least 5 I think from memory. Also this shader has a heavy Index of Refraction setting, depending what type of glass you want Google IOR of glass. Again from memory glass starts around the 1.50 mark and upward depending what type of glass it is.



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