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hello!!! I have a scene full textured, and I want to get a render from it in "clay", withiourt any shaders, except the grey clay... there is a more simple way than select each of the objectsq? (they are hundreds of items!)... thank you!!!


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    Hi Celmar :)

    First,... Save your scene, .. :)

    Then go to the shaders panel at the bottom right,. open it up and select the shaders (hold shift and click each shader to select them) and delete them all apart from the Default shader.

    Change that Default shader,. to your clay shader.

    When you delete any Master shaders,... then any object has to use the "Default" shader.
    If that;'s the only shader available, then it'll be applied to all objects in the scene

    save your scene as a different file name.

    Hope it helps :)

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    thank you, 3d age!!! perfect for me!!!

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    I believe the other trick to getting those nice "clay" renders is using ambient occlusion in the render settings. At least that's what I recall reading.

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