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Textures, and posing, and backgrounds, oh my!
Posted: 29 November 2012 11:49 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Ok, working my way through the youtube tutorials. Recently finished the posing and lighting. Now trying to put a scene together to try what I learned.

First, pose packs. I’m guessing these are to help reduce time by helping set a pose or set a pose close to what you want, then make small adjustments as needed. Is that what most people do? I ask because after looking at the pose packs in the store, I see several that are interesting, but I have not been able to find anything for some of the setups I have in mind. Just to clarify, I picked up Mr Hyde for Gen and was thinking about some sort of Hulk action scenes (since they include green skin).

Second, backgrounds. As I was putting my light tutorial/test together and it occurred to me I do not have any backgrounds. For this lighting scene the background would be darkness. My cave set is enclosed, so no background needed. I have an outdoor pool set that will look odd with nothing behind it. smile

Finally, textures for figures. I picked up the Gen Creature Creator bundle. I was thinking for pre-configuring some goblins and such. When I started playing with shaping, I realized the only skins I have are M5, V5 and a couple of other human skins. There were no creature textures included in the bundle. I went looking in the store, but the only ones I can find are with the Goblin or Orc horde. Not sure what I will do if I want to make something other than goblin or orc.



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Poses…yeah, most people use them to reduce the time needed to get good poses.  Me, I suck at coming up with them from scratch…adjusting the I can do, create them…not quite my cup of tea.

Now, don’t think that what’s in the store is all there is…in fact some of the best packs I have are not in the store but are freebies…

A couple of great pose creators, that offer some really nice freebies are…


Also most Gen4 (V4/M4/K4) poses work fine on Genesis…some need more adjusting than others.  Also there is a pose transfer utility offered in the store that opens the doors further and gets the transfers between figures nearly perfect.

Backgrounds are a much more complex issue…but you may want to look at a couple of basics…like a skydome.

There’s one included in this set…

And one in this…  (this was a Christmas special, last year)

Now the last part…skins.  No there aren’t very many ‘creature’ skins for Gen4 human figures and even fewer for Genesis.  Most of them aren’t in the store…

SickleYield has some interesting skins for sale at Renderosity…

There are some others in the freebie section at Renderosity and some on ShareCG


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