Textures, and posing, and backgrounds, oh my!

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Ok, working my way through the youtube tutorials. Recently finished the posing and lighting. Now trying to put a scene together to try what I learned.

First, pose packs. I'm guessing these are to help reduce time by helping set a pose or set a pose close to what you want, then make small adjustments as needed. Is that what most people do? I ask because after looking at the pose packs in the store, I see several that are interesting, but I have not been able to find anything for some of the setups I have in mind. Just to clarify, I picked up Mr Hyde for Gen and was thinking about some sort of Hulk action scenes (since they include green skin).

Second, backgrounds. As I was putting my light tutorial/test together and it occurred to me I do not have any backgrounds. For this lighting scene the background would be darkness. My cave set is enclosed, so no background needed. I have an outdoor pool set that will look odd with nothing behind it. :)

Finally, textures for figures. I picked up the Gen Creature Creator bundle. I was thinking for pre-configuring some goblins and such. When I started playing with shaping, I realized the only skins I have are M5, V5 and a couple of other human skins. There were no creature textures included in the bundle. I went looking in the store, but the only ones I can find are with the Goblin or Orc horde. Not sure what I will do if I want to make something other than goblin or orc.



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