need advice from expert: trying to modify position of conformed (fit to) item

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hi all,

i need some pointers from the daz studio 4.5 experts

i added the stalker girl guns to michael 5
i know the guns are for the female genesis morph where they fit perfectly ... but i'd like them on m5

and it almost works
they're just a bit off in translate and rotate ... would be easy to fix

except that daz studio doesn't allow me to adjust any transform settings since the item is fit to the m5 genesis character

a content developer must be able to do this somehow
so i figured there is a way to adjust this somehow ... can someone give me a pointer where to look ?

any help would be much appreciated


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    They seem to be 'Genesis' items, in they should line up without having to adjust them.

    Have you tried loading them to a base Genesis figure? Do they line up correctly? If not, try zeroing Genesis and loading them again...

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    that didn't work

    but i figured it out

    i had the "SG_holster1" item selected ... that can't be adjusted
    but if i open it and select "Hip" then i can adjust the transforms

    live and learn :D

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    That's the shouldn't need to be adjusted, if it is really a general Genesis if it is V5 or Basic Female...yeah. But since the only thing listed on the item page is Genesis...

    And yes, the 'root' isn't adjustable when fitted/conformed, but 'hip' is...

    I'd probably put in a ticket...either to remove any translations in the item or update the product page to indicate it that some morph is required.

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    your way is not bad,, simple and easy way.
    (basically,, of course the product for genesis, need to fit other genesis morph,but
    sometimes or often may need adjust the shape for character morph I think,,)

    then I think,, if you move the hip bone,, (and the figure has another bones too)
    the figure can not move same as you change hip transltaiton parameter,,

    because only hip bone may move but other bone of the figure (gun or holster) try to
    stick to the bone of genesis still, so the movements are restricted,,.

    you can check easy,, how the figures (of your items) node arrange,,and how it move.
    by scene tab, and bone visiblity setting.

    select the item root, in scene tab, then go to parameter tab,
    and change setting of bone visiblity in paramete tab display mode. (need to change opacity too,,)
    after that,, you can check which bone is best when you adjust the positon.
    there would be more suitable bone to adjust the positon about holster or gun figure,,,.
    (in mycase,, there is sword ghost bone,, lucky to me,,)

    and ,,,,actually,, you can set the figure not "fit to" just "parented" like a prop.

    I often just parented the these type figure,, (gun or swoard or sheeld or holster ,,, hair,,too,, )
    to geensis node of hand, or plevis, arm, head,, etc.

    because it can easily move and adjust positon for many pozing. and it can move with genesis node,.

    but if parented , the figure can not auto follow morph of genesis, so you may need manually adjustment by scale, or
    the figure morphs if they have,,,( I am not expert at all,, but hope,, if it may help some)

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