New to Daz coming from Poser- on deadline

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Hi, I tried to upload the Daz 4 biting the bullet and thinking I would go ahead and try to learn on this deadline. Mostly because a suit was offered for Michael that I liked and it was not available for poser.

Anyway. I uploaded the genesis basics and daz, but when I open up daz there is nothing in there. Any suggestions? Quickly feeling like I need to go back to Poser and use the daz products I have to make this deadline, but I would REALY like to begin using Daz instead.

Also, I guess I have to reload everything I bought into Daz now? Not sure how that is done either.

REALIZE there are two questions on this post. Thanks for your help



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    Did you also download and install the essentials (think that is what it is called) it is all the content, including genesis, that comes with studio.

    Also, I guess I have to reload everything I bought into Daz now? Not sure how that is done either.

    No, you can point studio toward all your poser content. It will show up in studio under poser content and not as smart content however. Edit drop down then preferences/content library/ content library at the bottom. Select poser formats and add under directory. At least I think so. No poser stuff on my laptop and the main computer is doing a render.

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    I did download the essentials packet but they are not showing up. I'll have to figure out how daz can see everything I have in poser. I'm in poser now trying to work through this deadline. But I am ready to switch to daz, so I appreciate all of the help and assistance with both of these issues. Any more definition on how to point to them is helpful.

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    You installed the essentials to the "my library" folder of daz studio? It is most likely located in your documents.

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    HI :)

    Maybe some more information would help,...

    Which System , Mac or PC,. ...Which OS... ?

    Do you have administrator privileges,

    Is the Daz Content Management Service "running"

    In Windows, you can check this by looking at the Task Manager / Services..

    If it's not running you won't see any "Smart content".

    Also,. as you probably know already,. .. learning a new program,.. while working to a deadline is never a great idea.
    but I hope you get a quick solution, and finish in time. :)

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    You could in the mean time open the Content Library Pane (NOT the SMART CONTENT PANE) and you will hopefully find all your Content in there in either Daz Studio or Poser Formats or even in the Category directiory. If the Content Librray Pane is not open go to the top menu bare chose Window > Panes (Tabs) > Content Library, click to open.

    The Smart Content issues will not stop you from using the software and the included content

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    Sometimes it takes a fresh day to get things to work. I now have the content that comes with Daz- Starter pack.
    Trying to download other things, yet sometimes it wants to put it into poser, so I am going to ask what is the director structure for daz? Library/ .... ?

    I'm going to attempt this learning curve for the day. I started in poser, but just moving around daz I already like it better. No, starting a new program on a deadline is not the best thing. If I can get get it close I can do a lot of work in zbrush.

    Is there an easy way to get the poser content into Daz? ( hoping there is a button that says, find content in poser, but if not I suppose I can go back to my downloads and download it again- loading it into Daz)

    Thank you all for your help. I am sure I will be posting here throughout the weekend so feel free to check in on me.

    Oh and FYI I probably use the program a lot different than most. These are for presentations for life size or monumental bronze sculptures here is a link that talks about my process.

    And a great big thank you to daz, photoshop and poser for helping me with this project. I would not have gotten it had it not been for the presentation and it is one of my favorite pieces.

    Thanks again guys. Onward through downloading and this learning curve.

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    HI sculptorwriter :)

    Your Poser runtime folders can be added to the list of directories with content in them,. and you'll see the same categories and thumbnails as you do in poser, EG: Figures, Hair, Props, Poses etc,,.
    so there's no need to re install any content into Daz Studio.

    The Default location for Daz Content is in C:\Users\YourName\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library

    You can get Studio to search your drive for content folder, and add them to the list of content folders,.
    or you can manually add your poser runtime by browsing to the folder.

    in the "Content Library" section,. click the little icon in the top left corner (see pic) then go to content directory manager.
    In that pane, you can select your poser runtime folders, then you poser content will show up under Poser Formats .

    Nice Work :)

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    3DSAGE you rock. I knew there had to be a way to get all of my stuff in without downloading again. I pointed it to all of my previous posers, but I'm not sure everything is there. Do I find them under this same tab?on the right hand side- Is there a general search? I tried and could not find some of them.

    I thought that this transition from one to the other would be harder, but I'm finding Daz is much more intuitive than it was a long time ago. Of course I have not started to work yet, but so far so good. I can't wait, and the go z will be so great.

    Just curious is the directory folder on a mac the same as mentioned in a previous post?

    I'm also trying to figure out how to do the folds on the morphing suit, any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance. going to work hard on this tomorrow.

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