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Has anyone found a way to fix the Gauntlets for v4 sedition soldier in Carrara? Im using 7 pro and if you animate the arm the gauntlet breaks apart. The top piece stays conformed to the hand but drags the forearm part around unconformed to the forearm.


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    Hi Magic realm :)

    Can you post a couple of screen shots of what you're seeing / doing,..

    also maybe some systems spec,.. PC / Mac,. Which OS? etc..

    I don't think I have that item,. I'll go look...

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    I tried this out in C8. The problem is that the Forearm-Armor piece lacks a full skeleton. If you bend V4's elbow, the armor is fine. But if you bend V4's shoulder, the forearm bone of the armor rotates at its own center of rotation near the elbow not at the shoulder. The hand bones on the armor seem to work as expected.
    I don't remember seeing this with gloves, but sometimes with shoes.

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    Thanks Eximorph. :)

    So,. it looks like it's a problem with that product, and it's rigging, rather than with Carrara or V4.

    I wonder if anyone has complained / returned this product, so that Daz are aware of the issue,
    they usually address things like this quite quickly.

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    Thanks for looking into this Eximorph and 3DAGE. The product works in DAZ Studio, but I only use Carrara. Im used to fixing shaders and various things in Carrara with Daz content but have not run into this before. I have not had time to look at this again since my post, but maybe this weekend I can find a fix now that I understand why its doing this.

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    The forearm-armor works in Poser7 too.
    I think there are 2 you can do:
    Re-rig in either Poser or DS or
    Break the model into 4 parts by bone and parent each part to the appropriate V4 bone. I did that in the following image.

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