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Copying keyframes

2getit2getit Posts: 0
edited December 1969 in Daz Studio Discussion

I'm used to animating in Maya and 3ds Max and in those programs you are allowed to copy and paste keyframes and also your allowed to drag keyframes to another part on the timeline, does Daz support this feature?


  • bighbigh Posts: 6,441
    edited December 1969

    2getit said:
    I'm used to animating in Maya and 3ds Max and in those programs you are allowed to copy and paste keyframes and also your allowed to drag keyframes to another part on the timeline, does Daz support this feature?


  • cridgitcridgit Posts: 917
    edited December 1969

    Correction: you can copy and paste keyframes in Animate2 (a plug-in), or a workaround without Animate2 is to use Puppeteer to copy/paste poses between keyframes.

  • texjonestexjones Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    I have found the best thing to do is in Puppeteer set up all your key poses, then set them into the timeline. But the aggravating thing about Daz for animation is how it usually will skip a key frame and go straight to the next pose. Sometimes it works out okay but otherwise this is where I do the animation the way is used to be done, frame-by-frame, and have the character hold the pose for a number frames before moving to the next. Have the character move render that, the holding pose render that, then the next move and render that and so on. Timing is everything in animation. And keep in mind that a person typically will make a move in about 2-3 seconds (I've studied that part watching various videos in Movie Maker), unless they really move slow. And also when setting up the character key frames, make sure the DEFAULT CAMERA has been set up in Puppeteer as well. It saves a lot of trouble. So you can keep the same view for each segment to edit back together in Movie Maker (or which ever editor program). BUT ALSO NOTE VERY IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE you set up the basic key poses with the timeline at ZERO. I learned the hard way, if the timeline has moved past zero when setting up Puppeteer, and save it all, then bring it back up. The character loses all the morphs I worked on (basic to the basic M4 figure) and so have to go into the Scene tab and eliminate EVERY PART of the figure, all the way to the 5th part of the tongue and 3rd parts of the fingers. Deleted the key frame in Timeline, then go into the Scene tab for each and every part of the figure, because it ALL gets posed. Then re-touch any of the Puppeter poses that will put the character back to morph I created.

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,051
    edited December 2012

    I am now simply sure of if you get animate 2, almost what you want can in animate 2 timeline and aniblock,,.
    about figure pozing animation, about figure morph animation.:roll:

    if you made and save your aniblocks , it can change spead, it can divide , it can adjust the frame, mirroer,, etc,,,
    in edit mode,, you can simply remove the parameter and remain which you want only. of course you can adjust each parameter,
    (node rotation, each morph,,) on each keyframe too.

    when apply aniblock as subtrack,
    it can choose option, only apply or overwrite maintrack, and you can choose which node affect main track genesis.

    a few days ago, I had not understand animate 2 timeline, and sub track usage,, but I now understand about subtrack setting,,
    of course,, if use with pupettier, it is amazing for me,,,

    I need to say thanks much go-figure,, @@; and hope more simple ani-blocks for genesis expression, or run and move.
    (of course if you know about pozing and animation, you can make aniblocks so easy, and mix them free and reuse
    about many scene,, I feel,, )

    I recommend much,, if you try to make animation in ds 4.5, get animate 2 @@;

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