Genesis Morphs no longer applied to Genesis figure after installing DS4.5

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I recently downloaded DS4.5 and fiddled around to get it working. I had issues with lost morph content, and have been through everything I can think of to fix it, such as uninstalling the program and all my content and clearing out the content folders, and making sure no part of DAZStudio and its parts were on the computer before reinstalling and reading other posts which helped a bit but not for the lost morphs.

Then I reinstalled the x64 bit version because I have Win 7 x64. I installed all my morph resources (M5, V5, the Head Resources Kits and the Genesis Morph Bundle) I loaded DS4.5 and I still have none of the Genesis Morphs from the bundle. For example, in the 'Eye' Shaping tab, I have 3 morphs only; eye slit, eye height and eye width. In the 'Face' Shaping tab, it's even MORE depressing, all I have there is 'Jaw size'. However, all the Head Resource Kit morphs are loaded in just fine.

I thought maybe I'd missed the 'metadata' for the Genesis morphs, so I reset them, and they have none. Where am I going wrong? What step have I missed on their location? All the other content shows :-( and I can't find updates for the Genesis Morph Bundle either.



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    Are you JUST using the Shaping Tab? Look in your Parameters Tab for MANY of the BASE Morphs. I too only have three for EYES in Shaping but 20 for Eyes in the Parameters Pose Controls.

    EDIT: An error in the early DS4 versions let ALL Morphs show in the Shaping Tab. Many of them only show in Parameters now that the error has been fixed.

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    For the examples that you gave, ie: Eyes and Face groups, those would be the only morphs that show in the Shaping tab for those morph bundles...

    The Head Resource Kits can be found in the Shaping tab under Actor>Head>Female>Real World>Morph Kits
    and in the Parameters tab under Actor>Head>Face>Female>Real World>Morph Kits

    Now additional morphs, other than those in the Shaping tab, can be found in the Parameters tab for the eyes, face, ears and so on, under various groups...

    Hope this helps... :)

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    Most of the morph sets have been updated so they will show in the Shaping pane - reset from your itemised order history and install the new version.

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    This thread shows what has been updated in the Genesis sense Updated Genesis Products List & Thing To Be Aware Of

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