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Load error on Llama

Norse GraphicsNorse Graphics Posts: 0
edited December 1969 in The Commons

I get an error when loading the Llama, it searches for:

/data/DAZ 3D/Millenium Horse 2/Millenium Horse 2/Morphs/Midnight_stories/Llama/Llama.dsf

/data/DAZ 3D/Millenium Horse 2/Millenium Horse 2/MilHorse2.dsf

Searching the data-folder, I can understand why the file doesn't find the folders - because the files are located:

/data/DAZ 3D/DAZ Horse 2/Base/Morphs/Midnight_stories/Llama/Lama.dsf

/data/DAZ 3D/DAZ Horse 2/Base/DAZHorse2.dsf

Just insert the right links into the DSF's, please and update the download files ASAP. If I could edit the DSF myself, I'd just make a heads-up post and not bother with waiting for a new file. The current version which I downloaded:



Thanks for your cooperation, and have a nice day.


  • cwichuracwichura Posts: 1,000
    edited December 1969

    You'll probably get a faster response if you open a ticket for it in the 'Content Products' category at

  • Midnight_storiesMidnight_stories Posts: 2,662
    edited December 1969

    I know they had to redo the paths for the Daz Horse 2 and I assume they would of had to do it for the Llama as well. But that was all done before release. If it's a DSON path problem then you won't be able to load genesis either. Wow like finding a needle in a haystack


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