GoZ Plugin and Mountain Lion...

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I have been searching for a little while now, trying to figure out why it is that when I open the package installer for the GoZ plugin from here, the installer doesn't even really open. I watch on the bottom as it tries to open, but closes immediately. I have tried both the 64-bit GoZ Plugin, and the 32-bit. I have searched on the forums here for the keywords GoZ and Mountain Lion, and get no hits. I have tried Google, and no one seems to have any issues. Am I doing something completely wrong here?


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    When it comes to Apple, I'm totally baffled...the first thing I would do, if this is the latest version of ML, is make sure that you have the latest version of the installer, because hasn't Apple changed permissions/sandboxing and so on, again, lately?

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    Yeah, it's the latest version of Mountain Lion and latest version of everything. It's hard to explain what it does really. The installer package simply opens and closes, without every actually opening. In the Dock, you can watch the package installer flicker open and closed within the blink of an eye. I can't remember if I had the same problem with Lion or not (I didn't try to install GoZ Daz until after ML was upgraded I think), but I do know it is tripping out about it now.

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