The weightmap of the world upon my shoulders.

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Is there a really good tutorial on creating anatomical weightmaps that covers subjects like how far gradients should extend and how to create a rigging that makes natural looking joints. The only such tutorial I saw about weightmaps and riggings was for a sash, but I'd like to see something that explains weight maps in terms of anatomy.


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    Blondie9999 has the Rigging Original Figures in DS4 tutorial here in the shop.

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    You can pick up quite a few good tips on weighing in general from tutorials for software other than Daz Studio, so you could try to find tutorials for one of them? Like Blender, Maya, 3ds Max. The principles are the same even if the tools work a bit different.

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    There was a thread where someone was converting a Dinosaur (iirc) to triax weight mapping. After a bit of experimentation I believe they found that the best method for them was to be conservative on the weight mapping, then take the joint in question through a series of bends, smoothing out the gradient in areas where the bend was not smooth enough. Again, pulling from memory but I believe they found this much easier then putting in more to start and trying to reduce. The trick seems to be the direction of the workflow, conservative with adding.

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