A Question About Texturing Imported 3d Objects

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Let me start off by telling you all that I modle all my prop objects that I have used in my Daz 3d Studio images, and sceenes are created with a 3d modeling application called True Space 7, and I use the Luvv Plugin to import and export all of my OBJ files into Daz 3d Studio, Poser, and other 3d software apps when I feel the need.

I create objects with Truespace 7. I modle them , and texture them, and so fourth. When I save the modle that I'm working on as an OBJ, and import it into Daz 3d Studio 4, the objects has a shiny grey tint to it, with no texture or surface applied to it as in when I created it. Should'nt the texture be already on the model when it is saved as obj file, and imported into Daz 3d Studio.? What must I do to correct this problem.

Please write back soon, and tell how to solve this. I sure do thankyou for your patients in this matter.

Thanks again



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    First, which version of DS? (the options should be the same, but will look different in the different versions).

    One of the things I do, is to create a separate folder for each Item/project. I save all the files there...the blend file (I use Blender), the exported obj and it's associated mtl file, any uvs or UV template files and most importantly any texture files. In fact, if I'm not creating the texture in Blender, I put the image files, that will become the texture in the folder and load them from that folder.

    Then, on import you need to make sure that the following options are checked...

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    If all of that is done...then the textures should load.

    But, I'm not sure why you (and a lot of others, lately) are so concerned about the item not coming in with textures...because, you need to retexture it within DS, anyway. In order to be a 'standard' item, in DS, you need to have the textures load from a folder in the Runtime > Texture folder. This is absolutely true for anything you may want to distribute.

    Yeah, it can load/use textures from elsewhere, but loading them from the Texture folder ensures compatiblity

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    Once You LOAD your OBJ file if it does not load with the mtl you made you can still go into the Surfaces Tab and then use Shaders or if the Item is UV mapped load a texture file for each section. Once you have the Surfaces Textured in DS using the Browser in the Diffuse and other Surface Channels (Drop down menus to load) you then need to SAVE a DS material File.

    If the Item is just for your use you are done as long as the Files stay where you saved them. To be placed up for Free use or to be sold I would place the Texture file(s) in the Runtime/textures folder in there own Named folder before you make a Mat File. That is the Default folder for texture files.

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