Any freebie low poly for background crowd for game engine?

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Does anybody know where to download any freebie very low poly,or low poly Daz characters,people to use for far camera background crowd,probably with basic rigging for animation in PC game making?


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    I was working on such a character at one point but have put it aside for now while I work on learning other things. There's MakeHuman which makes unrestricted licence free figures, and the software if free too. But to get them to work in Daz properly you'll probably have to rig them yourself. There are different figures that it creates with different poly counts for each.

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    Okee dokee. I decided to actually make Genesis ready MakeHuman proxies for people wanting LowPoly Genesis compatible figures.

    Now these are rough approximations of a Genesis pose, because the MakeHuman proxies are different in anatomical proportions to the actual Genesis figure they can't be posed in a precisely accurate Genesis pose, but this should be good enough for background render characters especially is the hands aren't predominantly features.

    Just fit these to Genesis like you would clothing then delete the Genesis figure and they'll be rigged for Genesis pose/animation compatibility. Genesis clothing can be fit to them by applying a smoothing modifier to the clothing.

    Feel free to use these .obj files for whatever you want but keep in mind when you fit them to a Genesis figure they''d be considered derivative works so you will not be able to distribute the rigged models, but you will be allowed to use them for any rendering purposes you might have.

    The Rorkimaru proxie figure is 770 polygons. The Ascottk proxie figure is 1774 polygons.

    You can apply Genesis morphs to the figure by fitting the figure to Genesis, morphing the figure, then sending that low poly figure to Hexagon. The figure will take on a rough approximation of the Genesis morph (as good as it can fake it with the low polygon count). You can edit it to make it look better if need be then send the figure back to Genesis as a morph. Keep in mind just like with the figure's rigging itself those morph would be considered derivative works so unless they are made from a morph you made yourself you won't be allowed to distribute them but you will be allowed to use them for your own renders.

    The top picture is the Rorkimaru proxie and the bottom figure is the Ascottk proxie.

    Of the two the Ascottk proxie figure is probably the most useful... since it has fingers instead of mittens for hands.

    Low Polygon MakeHuman Proxie Figures in Genesis Ready Pose

    Also, when you sub-d the figures they get reeeeeeeeeeeeeealy skinny, so you'll probably want to create a beefy morph for them so your background isn't populated by nothing but anorexics.

    1280 x 752 - 127K
    1280 x 752 - 141K
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    Thanks for the low poly tips,and for posting your proxies. They look interesting. Good job!

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    HA!! I just realized if I put a short afro on him he would look almost exactly like a guy I went to highschool with, along with the skinny skinny arms.

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