Scene with Victoria 5 Elite Pony tail can not be loaded to Carrara-8.5

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I have setup my Carrara environment and added a genesis character plus clothes but without hair. I can save the scene to disk and later open it again without issues.

Now i add the Victoria 5 Elite Pony tail and again save my scene to file. When i later try to open the scene, i get:

"An I/O error has occured"

and the scene no longer loads.

Here is the simple way to reproduce the problem:

- create an empty scene
- place only the pony tail into the scene
- store the scene and close Carrara
- reopen Carrara and load the scene .
You see the error popping up.

Is there any workaround such that i can setup the hair and still be able to reopen the scene later ?

I use Carrara-8.5(build 132)
on Windows-7 64 bit



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    HI Gaia :)

    I'm not sure why you're getting the IO error,. but, .. one option which may work, is to jump into DS,. load the figure and hair,. and save as Duf scene,. then in Carrara,. Import that DUF.

    You could also try creating a New Scene in Carrara,. load genesis, add the hair, and save as a carrara scene,. then open your existing scene and again Import that.

    If this is a figure you want to use repeatedly,. You can select the Figure, Clothes and hair, then go to EDIT / GROUP.
    that makes all of those items into a single group,. which you can drag and drop into your "My Objects" section of the Carrara browser.
    (you can also make your own folders and add them to the browser ..EG: My actors..)

    Hopefully one of those options will work. :)

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