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Dalrock Theater
Posted: 28 November 2012 09:37 AM   [ Ignore ]
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THIS is one of those times that I LOVE playing with Daz. The theater building itself was created in Blender, brought into Daz and surrounded by Room Creator. The floor tiles in RC were given a concrete Diffuse map, and it worked itself out great. The marquees were made in Illustrator, the neon glow and glowing white background panels I was able to add in Photoshop. Now, because this is a key scene in the story, I had to make it at night. So in order to ‘light up’ the marquees I added the point linear lights right infront of the panels so they ‘lit up’. The two movie posters, are on a flat plane inside a picture frame from the McLean Hotel. And of course the track lights from Home One, the dome lights also from the Hotel. The ticket booth on the left, has a plane with the opacity turned way down to make it look like glass. The doors are also from Room Creator, I just made the frames with metal diffuse and kept the recess to complete the entry.
  I modeled this after a theater I remember going to when I was a kid in downtown Garland, Texas. It was one of the early single screen theaters, that was circa 1968-1973.
  GAWD, I am so glad there is such a thing as DAZ!!!

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