1 Click M4 Face Hair and POSER

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When I bought "1 Click M4 Face Hair" on sale a few years back, I thought at the time that I couldn't use it with Poser 7, but I _would_ be able to use it with later versions of Poser.

Well, I finally got Poser 9, but now, when trying to use the product, I get a python-error message.

Looking at the page, I see that the product (now) says DAZ Studio (only), but...

"You can use the included maps in Poser by applying the texture maps via render nodes. "

Two questions:

1) Did the description of this product change since the site upgrade (or am I misremembering)?

2) How does one actually use this product (as suggested) in Poser?

Thanks for your advice.


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    Okay, I'm _not_ out of my mind. The product I bought definitely calls itself:


    So, it _is_ for Poser. And here's the product (which did not turn up quickly with my original search):


    So why the python error?

    Any help?



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    And here's exactly what the error message says:

    RuntimeError: Bad magic number in .pyc file

    I did re-download the file today, and reinstalled it.

    Help, please!

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    There was a change in the Python version between Poser 8 and Poser 9.

    I know the vendors did say they are trying to update all their relevant products, but it is not an easy task.

    Maybe contact either of them to ask if there is an update for this product, they both use the forums.

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