morph loader issue?

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Im having some problems loading morphs in DS4.5pro using Genesis

I get this error

"Warning: Geometry did not match, failed to create morph."

At first I thought it was mud box but it happens even when I just export Genesis as an obj and then straight away try to load it back in as a morph?




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    It sounds as if you have exported the sub-divided mesh...

    When ever you create morphs for the Genesis figure you need to set the Mesh Resolution to Base and the Sub-Division Level to 0 before you export as an .obj

    You can find the setting in the Parameters pane with Genesis selected...

    Also make sure you do not add any sub-division in your modeler, or delete or add any vertices... the vertex count and order must remain un-changed in order to import a morph...

    Hope this helps... :)

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    Brilliant! thank you so much.


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