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Blender and DAZ figures
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Yeah. That would be a very cool thing to get into. Many directors and their storyboard artists spend a quite a bit of time together - and the artist is highly respected for his talent at being able to capture the mood and movement that the director is trying to convey from thoughtsthrough speech- then the artist has to render that from speech to thought and hopefully capture the daydream image that thedirector saw in his/her mind. I live art as well. But i’ve always been more of a sculptor - which really helps in 3d mesh creation. It’s really a natural feel for me - which is why I often never mention that I do it.

I make all of my scenes around content that I’ve purchased - and to me… that’s the star of the scene. I’ll create what else is needed in the vertex modeler, without giving it a second thought. Just like chipping out a new piece of field stone for the wall, or flag stone for the patio, etc., which is the bulk of my living - stone work. I love molding art from the land - through beneficial assistance, rather than distruction. I train trees from being miserable to becoming overjoyed. I get many of my plants and trees for free because they are presumed dead - or definitely dying. Then I train them to not just live… but to flourish! It hasbecome an artform for me. And I’m fast at that - like you’d need to be as a storyboard artist. People like us have a special demand - because it is difficult to teach someone to feel - and that is what a big part of it is. In order to quickly sketch out the thoughts of another’s mind… you have to feel what he’s saying- so you get a better grasp of what he’s thinking. I think that is a big part of why Peter Jackson and his SB artist spent so much time together. It’s easier to read the mind of one you know well, than that of a stranger.


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Hello everyone! I am trying to install thedaz to blender plugin, but I am having trouble with the installation. On the instructions it iswritten that I need to unpack the archive into C:\program Files\Daz\Studio\Content. I have installed daz 4.6 in the default location, but inside my daz folder I cannot fine such location… Could someone please help me with this?

Thank you in advance! smile

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