The Raven Library for Lenore - commercial

3D-GHDesign3D-GHDesign Posts: 364
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Lenore became a Librarian with her cutie fellow. Check her new clothes and accessories in store.
And if you may missed Lenore when she was on sale, you can grab her now as she is on sale now.

See all Lenore products here

1000 x 1300 - 305K


  • jade monkeyjade monkey Posts: 111
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    i love this! i've had to wishlist it for now, with the holidays coming up, but i wanted to say thank you for making such a cool add-on for this unique product!

  • SpitSpit Posts: 2,159
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    Love it. Grabbed it. Thank you for doing it.

  • 3D-GHDesign3D-GHDesign Posts: 364
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    Your welcome :)
    She is fantastic, I love her unique face and in time I saw her I thought, OMG she must be a Librarian!!! So I done :D

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