Tutorial on many aspects of DAZ Studio including easy ways to move DAZ Studio to another Machine

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I learn best by reading tutorials that I can also print if I need to. I started this when I first began using DAZ Studio again this year. I got tired of looking all over for how-tos even though there are many good ones out there. I, also, use Vue as a main program and wanted to explore the best ways I could export DAZ figures. I used Poser for many years, but found once I knew DAZ Studio I liked it better so I rarely use Poser any more.

Yesterday I decided to switch to DAZ Studio 4.5 but didn't want to do it on my main computer so I first had to put DAZ Studio 4 on this other computer. I actually found this easy to do. Then, I installed 4.5. How I did this is at the end of my Notes on Using DAZ Figures in Vue Infinite. Here is the URL: http://www.perpetualvisions.com/new-articles/notes-daz-poser-vue/notes-daz-poser-vue.html

I hope this proves useful.


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    Wow, very big tutorial. There's a series of tutorials for Vue or the DS/Poser to Vue combo here, as well, perhaps it will give you ideas: http://www.silverblades-suitcase.com/

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    I've only recently made the switch to Daz after using Poser Pro for years. Right now though I feel more at home with Daz than I ever did with Poser for a multitude of reasons (it hasn't crashed yet for a start). All of my newest works now rely heavily on the Daz native genesis figures, which is the best thing since Charles Babbage invented programmable systems in my opinion.

    This has some useful tips for using Daz if you're new to it. Thanks for sharing.

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