Anything like Poser's Morph Tool in D|S 4.5?

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I'm finally starting to get a little more experience in D|S, mostly because of the Genesis figures and the Auto-Fit. This latter is where I'm having a problem, and it's the same problem I've seen with every clothing refitter: when you convert female clothing for a figure with a much flatter chest, either male or a young female, there's almost always a 'pucker' in the middle of the chest, and frequently in the curves where the undersides of the breasts were. Now, with Poser, I could use the morph tool to smooth the mesh out better, and move the points around at least a little. Does D|S 4.5 have a tool that works similarly? I don't really know enough yet to do something like transferring the mesh to another program like ZBrush or even Hexagon, to use the mesh tools there; I was really hoping to stick with learning one application at a time ;).


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    The first thing to check is to see if the item has a smoothing modifier applied, already (it affects the item as a whole, so you do have to be careful with it or it can mess details elsewhere on the item). It can be found under Parameters. If it does, often upping the number of iterations will clear it up. If it doesn't selecting the item in the Scene and going to Edit > Object (or Figure) >Geometry > Apply Smoothing Modifier...

    Sometimes, adjusting the weights with the Weightmap brush can help, but that's more of an 'advanced'/last ditch way.

    Taking it to a modeller and creating a custom morph is the best 'permanent' fix, though. And pretty much, that's what the Hexagon bridge is for...

    So...simple, not as fine of a control, but not exactly nothing to do about it, either.

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    I'll give it a look - the piece of clothing I noticed it on is Oshikai's "Retro Skirt" for Aiko 3 - I want to use it on Genesis, and most of it works pretty well, except for the aforementioned chest area (he built it with some pretty strong and detailed modeling in the bosom; also, the flaps that overlap in the skirt seem to have intersected a bit).

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