Incomplete clothing when importing Valorous for Genesis into Poser

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Does anybody know how to fix this? I exported the tunic from DAZ Studio Pro 4.5 with the following options: Conforming Figure, Conform Scale, Conform Morphs, Conform Origins, Save Binary Morph File (PMD)

I’ve imported/exported other genesis clothing from DAZ to Poser, and it they look fine. Just this tunic looks a mess.

1440 x 900 - 630K
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    I've noticed the CR2 exporter has a problem with exporting polygon groups that are not name like a standard figure (e.g., LowerLeft, Front).

    I haven't use the CR2 exporter since DSON came out. It's not perfect, but it overcomes a lot of the deficiencies of CR2 export.
    Don't expect any fixes to old exporter, because most development will be done on DSON

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    HI KSamarra :)

    The DSON importer is a much better option, and, as far as I'm aware, that's going to be the way forward,.

    It may be worth resetting your downloads for that product to see if there are Poser companion files available for it now.

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