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I would like to import Poser models into Carrara for hair modeling. For some reason Jessi doesn't show up anywhere in the menu lists, but I can import James. What then do I do with the model so that it (or at least the hair model) can be returned to Poser at the proper size? When I import James into Carrara he is very tiny!


I am working with Poser 8 and Carrara 7, PC.

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    Hi VolcanicMink :)

    Firstly if the figure is tiny,.. what size of scene are you selecting when you start. ?

    Select a New Medium scaled scene,. which is ideal for working with Human scale figures.

    You don't need to "Import" any figures into Carrara,. You Add your Poser / Daz Runtime folder to Carrara's a Browser, and Load the figures in the same way as you do in Poser or DS,. (double click to load)

    Some of the NEW poser figures in P9,. have different weight mapping, since Smith Micro changed the way poser can work,. which means that the standard "Poser" weight mapping which carrara supported, doesn't apply as it should for those figures.

    Poser 8 figures should show,and work in Carrara.

    You should be able to model hair Objects, . and then export back to Poser, to create an HR2 .

    Carrara Dynamic Hair is a render effect,. Not real geometry,. and it only works in Carrara, you can't export it as geometry to another application.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Thank you.
    I am rather new to Carrara and have trying to learn a bunch of programs at the same time to see which are going to work for me and which are going to work together. Carrara really seems to have a lot to offer and I've been able to get further with it than with Hexagon. (Blender is for a different kind of brain than mine!) Unfortunately, the most updated book I've found on using Carrara is for Carrara 5 so I I'm still limping through it...

    Thanks for the tips!

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    HI VolcanicMink :)

    Open up carrara, and go to the Help menu,.. Carrara help.

    There's a Carrara manual included as a PDF file,. which shows you all the basic functions and features..

    Many of the core feature of Carrara 5 are still present, and haven't changed a lot,. so the C5 info will cover a lot of the basics, but the manual in Carrara is better (IMO)

    There are some new features in Carrara 8 which are still being developed,. like Bullet physics,. and those aren't in the manual, because they're not fully developed yet,.

    Any new stuff you need info on, you can get here in the forums or at CarraraCafe.com

    Here's a link to my quick intro to Bullet Physics in Carrara 8


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