Save puppeteer preset without morphs

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Is there a way to save a puppeteer preset so it can be used on other models without altering their shape?

I've created a number of lipsync and expressions as puppeteer presets, when I use it on other models and click a dot to reset a pose it changes the character.

I'm using version

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    after load your pupettier layer, do not touch dot in edit mode.

    because, it change the gensis shape to the status which was recorded on dot.

    you need to use preview mode, moving mouce,, you can apply each dot facial expression on to your character.

    as for me,,
    when I want to save and reuse it for other character, basically, I make it with zero shape genesis.
    because I can re edit easy. just apply it and edit again with zero shape genesis.

    but if make it with other character shape and try to re-edit,,,,I need to apply the layer,
    with same character I think.

    (about pupettier layer saved as duf, can not memorize the morph shape,, so if you touch dot in edit mode,
    it just turn to zero shape genesis,^^; on the other hand,, if you save the layer as dsa , and you touched the dot,
    it may change the genesis shape same as how you recorded the puoettier dot)

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    Thanks for the follow up, yes I was aware of the preview and edit mode differences. I use different tabs to create expressions, lipsync eye rolls.. Often times I will need to set the character back to their original expression without changing the character.

    Some time back version 3.5 / old forum had posted a way to edit a text file that would prevent the model from morphing I was hoping to find a similar solution.

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    ah,,, if edit pupettier layer file,, it may can. ,, so other user may know the way I think.
    I checked the dsa file,, but no,,, I can not ^^; there every genesis morph parameter discribed about each dot,,
    so I can change them,, but I can not find the way to remove them at once.

    as you hope,, if I can select what parameter save or not,, or have option, when load layer,, it must be useful,,
    hope daz improve pupettier save and load option,,,

    and,,, if I rock value,, by each parmeter rock icon,,,, the dots can not influence rocked property if you touched the dot in edit mode.
    so I sometimes use the way. but if you make new dot and record current statas, it may corrupted the old saved layer.
    when you save it,,,

    eg other 6 dot record with genesis shape, but new dot record current shape.,,,
    maybe it is not useful for your purpose,,

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