My first renders

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Here are my first attempts with DAZ so far. I really am loving this program!

I need to learn how to use the lighting better, but manipulating the figures is really intuitive and fun!

1600 x 900 - 847K
1600 x 900 - 812K
1600 x 900 - 589K


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    Looks like you are having fun and trying different camera angles which for a newcomer I am impressed , great stuff. Lighting will come in time and with how determined you you to learn. The important thing is to kep having fun and don't put yourself under pressure like some of us newbies do/did. :)

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    No there is no pressure for me at this point. I am getting into this because I have wanted to create 3D art and animation for most of my life. I remember experimenting with Poser and Bryce way back when they first came out. I also tried to learn 3Dsmax and then Blender. DAZ by far seems to be the most user (noob) friendly program I have tried.

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    Here are a few more renders. Experimenting with lighting.

    1600 x 900 - 1M
    1600 x 900 - 750K
    1600 x 900 - 735K
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    THese are impressive for New User renders.

    However I am going to move them into the New Users Help area, as they do not really belong in the Contest forum.


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    Oops. Didn't realize this was new user Contest forum. Thanks

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