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When I apply clothes to the V4 character that has a body morph the clothes aren't fitting even after I do rgt click 'Fit "x" to'. Without any body morphs they fit the base V4 fine.


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    Some clothing is conforming type and some is not. Conforming clothing has built in morphs to match the morphs dialed into the figure. If the clothing you are using does not have the morphs built in the "fit to" will not add the morphs. It will only do the best match that the mesh allows. In DS3 you can Right click on your Figure (not the Clothing) and try the Morph Follower. In DS4 you have the Same function but it is now called Transfer the Active Morphs. Just select your figure (not the clothing) and right click it's the last menu option.

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    Ahh! Briliant. Thanks!

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    That doesn't always work, some times the outfit has the morphs it's just they've been done "poorly" and don't work, when that happens Morph Follower or Transfer Active Morphs wont do anything, as they don't replace existing morphs they just add the missing ones.

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