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I have just started learning DAZ Studio Pro 4.5 (free downloading version). Smart Content worked properly. But when I added some new stuff (from earlier DAZ versions and Poser, etc.), I lost my Smart Content - it is empty (nothing there). Stuff are in Content Library. How can I get back Genesis stuff in Smart Content? What to do?

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    Hi Nikola108 :)

    What happens if you select the Genesis figure in the scene. ?

    The "Smart content" works based on what item you have selected, for example: if you seclect a shirt or dress. the smart content will show you textures for that item,.. not for hair or shoes.

    hope it helps :)

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    Check that the CMS is running - since that looks like XP click on the Start button, then on Run..., then type Services.msc in the box and click OK - is the DAZ Content Management Service listed as running or stopped?

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    I did it. First time Daz Content Menagaement Service - Status was Empty - I clicked on Start and the message was "error" (attach image). After some time, I clicked again and the Status was Started (attach image 02).
    I launched the DAZ Studio Pro 4.5 but again the Smart Content was empty.
    Again, I clicked Refresh and Start for Daz Content Menagaement Service and message again was error (attach image).
    What happened? Please help me!

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    Search the Event Log...find the section with the details on the CMS error and post it. It looks like something is interfering with its operation.

    Your AV is NOD32?

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    Hi mjc1016!
    Sorry for delay!
    I re-installed my DAZ Studio 4.5 again and everything was there in "Smart Content" and it worked for a seven days untill today. And today I found out that "Smart Content" was empty again. So I followed your instruction regarding "Daz Content Menagement Service" - "Status" was empty - I clicked on Start and now my "Smart Content" works properly. This is obviously problem with "Daz Content Menagement Service".

    I have one additional question. When I make some new "Pose" or "Light Camera" etc. should I put some metadata about it in "Tags" pop-up window?

    Kind regards,

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    I use ESET Smart Security 5.

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    Ok...I knew it was one of theirs...

    I'm going to take a guess and say that it is, part of, if not all of, the problem. It's probably blocking the port that the CMS uses. Try going through Eset and allowing the CMS/whitelisting it. Or at least allow this port...Port=15432

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