Does M4 skeleton ulna move side-side and twist with the forearm?

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M3 skeleton's ulna does not move with the forearm if you move it side to side or twist. And there are no dials for it to move alone. I was wondering if M4 skeleton's ulna is the same way? Does anyone know if M4's ulna will move with the forearm, side to side, twist and bend?


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    the 2 skeletons are basically the same, just slight scaling differences

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    The dials are there but hidden - they are linked to the forearm controls, though I do notice when twisting that the wrist end slips out of alignment. In DS you can show the bones by enabling the display of Hidden Parameters from the Parameter pane's option menu, but in Poser you would have to edit the CR2 to set Hidden to 0 for the parameters.

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    there is a free set of python scripts for poser that let you quickly unhide any dials you like

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