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I have experimented with this error in all the latest builds of Daz 4.5. The bug is the same.

When you export a figure with a prop or hair attached the character comes imported into Maya/C4D/3ds Max
with the props positioned incorrectly.

I’ve seen others address this issue though no real solution has been reached yet.


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Experiencing the same here. When exporting figures with hair using the DAZ Studio 4.5 FBX Exporter, the hair ends up in the wrong place.

Also the figures appear somewhat distorted on certain joints (e.g. when you move a figure in DAZ studio using the mouse, the figure temporarily distorts during movement, and then reverts back to a smooth figure when releasing the mouse, this is the exact same distortion seen when inporting an FBX file).

Anyone have a workaround?

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Same problem - I’m using the Mac version and the (Genesis) mesh when exported as an OBJ is sub-divided (as per sub-division settings) but not when exported as FBX or DAE.

I can’t find anything in the export settings that would force the higher level mesh to export - I’m quite sure this is the cause of the deformations.

Is this forum where bugs are reported?

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No if it is a bug that can be duplicated and confirmed as a bug then it should be reported to the bug tracker (Mantis)

You need to make an account to use this if you do not already have a bug tracker ID, as it is separate from the DAZ 3D site.

You can however use the same details as your forum ID, which makes it easier to keep track

Adam has given some guidelines here, about filing bug reports


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I’ve noticed that too, with the hair, my solution is to just import it separately. tongue laugh

I’m not sure the base mesh being exported via FBX and Collada is actually a bug.

Not all 3D capabilities are implemented in the FBX standard.
The more advanced stuff like complex materials and subdivision get stripped out.
There’s nothing the exporter can do about that.

I just add subdivision as needed in Cinema, that’s really the way it should be.grin



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I experiencing the same.

My solution is to turn in DAZ neck and head in all axis in 0.
Then it will be exported correctly.
The head can be turned in c4d very well smile

This working only with a few poses