Looking for a Ice pack and thermometer

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I am creating an learning pack for an assignment at university (On the environment and the sate of the world if we don't do anything about) it. and I need to ether source all images myself or have permission to use any images I use.

I am using the Daz Emoticon figure to create a sick world image but I need help finding a Ice pack and thermometer this are images I found when gooogling (but not allowed to use) http://pulse.pharmacy.arizona.edu/10th_grade/disease_epidemics/sick_world.gif and http://godandshoes.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/sick-world.jpg so you can see what I am after.

so if anyone knows of an Ice pack and thermometer that I can adapt to this little guy that would be great. Thanks in advance

800 x 800 - 345K
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    I wish I could help you Neil. You did a good job of converting the usually happy emoticon guy to a very sick sad earth. Be sure to post the finished render when you get it done. ;-)

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