V4 question on using posing pack

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Can I use a posing pack for G.I.R.L on a normal or base V4 character I create if I don't have G.I.R.L?

Here is the pack... http://www.daz3d.com/shop/animations-poses/modeling-pinup/glamour-girls

It doesn't say G.I.R.L required.

Thanks for any help with this.



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    Puntomaus visits the forums every so often, so you may want to send a PM to find out for sure.

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    This is a very old pose pack, as it was made when the highest Poser version available was P5, so it is meant for the original Girl. Figures had different geometry and rigging at that time, so although the poses will work, per se, they will not be optimum, and will need tweaking. The most obvious differences you will find in the poses is for the legs and feet.

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