Installing Older Zip Files with Daz 4.5

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Hi everyone,

So, for various reasons that to this point have better fit my purposes, I have been running a version of Daz3d 3. I have been needing new features recently, and have decided to move on to 4.5

I started this process as of yesterday, first by watching the over-views and stuff (the wider character variety is ultimately one of the biggest reasons I finally switched up) and went and reset my downloads in my daz3d accnt with the intention of moving into a new computer as well (in case I didn't like it after all, I still had the older program in my other computer).

And after resetting the downloads went ahead and started loading everything in from scratch.

The problem I am having are the daz zip file install packs.

Where do I extract them to? What file path? The Libraries extension that is suggested is just not working as the content does not show up in the folders in the program. I've gone in and manually assigned new locations where the files will show up in the program but then the file path is wrong and I have to manually search for the content myself to load it instead of just clicking on the picture.

A few things: the content I am talking about loads just by clicking on the picture in my other computer that is running an older version of DazStudio just fine.

It also seems the content I am struggling with is relatively older, as in Gen 3 content.

And also, I would rather not just copy the data base from one computer to the other as I haven't been installing alot of the content I didn't use on that system as to take up less space on this one.

If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them and really appreciate it. I've been trying to do this now for over a day, and have literally gotten no where. I hope it is something simple I am just missing.

Thanks ahead.

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    DS can use multiple 'runtimes'.

    That said, within the My Library is a 'standard' Runtime folder. If you look in it you will find the familiar folders...Things can go there...or you can set up a Content > Runtime folder outside/parallel to My Library and then map it in DS. You would then put all the older stuff there. Personally, I left my old Content folder intact and just mapped it...

    In any case, the older stuff isn't going to have metadata so it won't get any of the nice, new 'automatic' Smart Content, no Categories (have to manually assign it) and so on...but it load the same as in older versions of DS.

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    Hey, thanks...

    Yes, it seems to be a problem with multiple run-time folders installing along with the older files. After I wrote that, I went back and keeping both the program and the file folders open at the same time seemed to locate the problem. Then I came back here and read your answer that seems to agree. :)

    So, what I did, and there might be a faster way, this is just what worked for me..

    I just used the program to find the problem folder - you know, where the object was listed but not showing. Then I browsed to the folder location in another window and sure enough -- there was a duplicate runtime folder involved. I cut the 'libraries, textures, etc' folders out of that runtime folder and pasted them down into the Runtime Folder under the 'My Library' folder -- and the problem for that particular item was fixed. I had to/have to go back and do this for each item effected though. It will take time, but that is ok. At least it is working now. Thanks so much for the answer. :)

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