How do I use Texture ATlas?

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I looked in my About Installed Plugins in the Help menu, and I do have the Texture Atlas loaded, but where is it? How do I access and use it?


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    It shows up in the toolbar on the right-hand side, a picture of a globe. I added it to my menu bar using Edit > Customize.

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    wizaerd said:
    ... and use it?

    I'm still learning some of the details and the way you use it depends on what you are using it for (I use it to condense textures and reduce texture size prior to sending a figure to Bryce), but here's an example of one basic set of steps I use:

    In the scene tab, select the base node of a figure you want to use Texture Atlas on.
    Click on the Texture Atlas's globe icon.
    Adjust width and height of the map (preview image size), if all pieces of the image should be the same size uncheck "Weight By Image Size" and press the Reset weights button, then when done press the Auto Arrange button and then the Accept button to accept the settings.
    In the "commit to Figure(s)" window, press the Browse button and select a location to save the image to. Change the texture settings width and height to something big enough that detail isn't lost when all individual textures are combined into this single large final texture. Change the Format dropdown to JPEG. Press the Accept button.

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    I can't find that globe to click on anywhere. I checked "about installed plugins" and texture atlas is there and green. But I cant find it. I searched windows>tabs and I don't see anything there for Texture atlas. Where can I find it?v The is no globe on my screen.

    Ok, I found it.l The only way it seems you can find it is to use the city limits layout.

    I can't believe I've been doing that by hand because Texture Atlas is hidden in one specific layout.

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    Well, gota keep doing it by hand. Seems Texture Atlas doesn't work well with Genesis.

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    I use DAZ for about 1 year and never had to use Texture Atlas.

    I recently wanted to use and I was unable to find it (while it is true that I have a lot of trouble with plugins but good)

    This topic does not really help me if this is the word "customize" I finally succeeded in finding :).

    I therefore allows me to add this little post to ensure that the next to fall on this topic are now :).

    Have a good day.

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    Sorry for the double post but no way to organize the pictures ... my third images place it sellf first or second but want never be at it third place so ...

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