Looking for ( Save as DSF Figure file )

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Maybe im just a newbie at this and this thread really belongs in the New User Help Forum, but I swear im not tripping.
After upgrading from daz 4.0 to daz 4.5 I cant seem to find the ( Save as DSF Figure/Prop File ). Is it possible it was renamed into something else?

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    I didn't know 4.5 could save to DSF...

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    In DS 4.5 it can be found in Save As > Support Asset > Figure/ Prop Asset

    The new user format is .duf ( Daz User Format )

    The .dsf file ( Daz Support File ) is created internally for support files for the .duf files that need them

    The .duf and .dsf files are now written to the full DSON standard unlike in DS 4.0

    Hope this helps... :)

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    It does help, I had a feeling that might be the case :D but I always love asking before I do something silly

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