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Not trying to start a debate.. but looking at Filter Forge vs Genetica
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We did end up purchasing Filter Forge.  The price was too good.  My wife wanted to do some things with it, so we ended up buying it for her computer. LOL So I will have to get up early when I need to make something with it myself wink

Thanks everyone for their input and its been a interesting discussion with some twists and turns.


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mentioned in the News Headlines on the Blender website a couple days ago:

Open Shading Language (OSL) is a small but rich language for programmable shading in advanced renderers and other applications, ideal for describing materials, lights, displacement, and pattern generation.

OSL was developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks for use in its in-house renderer used for feature film animation and visual effects. The language specification was developed with input by other visual effects and animation studios who also wish to use it.

OSL is distributed under the “New BSD” license (see the “LICENSE” file that comes with the distribution). In short, you are free to use it in your own applications, whether they are free or commercial, open or proprietary, as well as to modify the OSL code as you desire, provided that you retain the original copyright notices as described in the license.

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It will be interesting to see what rendering engines end up supporting this, and how well.


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