Having trouble setting up files on Daz 4.5

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I can't find the normal runtime folders (you know, materials, geometries and such). What happened to the normal runtime structure that was on the old Daz 3? When I tried installing some of my files and they didn't show up.
Also, I can't seem to install the m4 pro bundle on my 64 bit system.


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    The setup is exactly the same as DS3, except that the default folder is now called 'My Library' instead of 'Content'.

    My Library should still have a Poser Runtime folder whcih contains all the usual sub-folders.

    What errors are you getiing when you try to install the 4 pro bundle? If you are trying to install morphs of M4, like Hiro, then you must install the M4 base first.

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    Content Library Pane is still there probably not showing.....top menu bar Windows > Panes (Tabs) > Content Library

    As for M4 Pro Bundle what issues are you having exactly and what version of windows 7 or 8?

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    gerwyn said:
    When I tried installing some of my files and they didn't show up.

    Perhaps the most important question is, how did you run the installers? Do you usually run them with default settings? Or do you click the "customise" button and manually point to your content location?

    The problem is that the default settings aren't always the actual default — the base content location has changed at least three times since the first version of DAZ|Studio was released, and the installers only know about the default settings at the time the installer was created. This will not change unless the installer is updated and recreated to fix a bug or to include Smart Content metadata.

    I never run a default install, I always run them customised and check every time to make sure the installer is about to put things where it should. You'd be surprised to see how many times it guesses wrong, especially if you use more than one content folder (like I do), or you have a mix of content installers of all different ages (like I do).

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    I am having the same problem I think...

    I've installed to the my library filepath but the content just doesn't seem to show up.

    Will keep you posted. :)

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    Hey, it might have to do with duplicate runtime folders installing. At least, that was the issue I was having. Go and check my thread on 'installing zip files in daz 4.5' if you would like. Maybe it might fix it? :)

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    Nevermind, I finally tracked down the wayward file folder, thanks for the help about the name change.

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