Are y'all planning to fix the history warning feature?

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I have been shopping in this place for the past decade. When I try to look at my order history, even when I set it to SHOW 50, there are 66 PAGES of items. Now, I have a similar order history at Renderosity. Rendo, however, WARNS ME when I'm about to buy something I already own. Y'all used to do this too. I know this is a new store, and that you said there were features you couldn't import over, and one of them was the YOU ALREADY HAVE THIS, YOU COMPULSIVE TWIT feature. So I just figured you'd get to it in a week or two. So far, however, I have to go back when I want to buy something on sale, and laboriously search those 66 bloody pages trying to find out whether I have whatever I want to buy. And as I look over the pages and pages of stuff, I think, "Do I really need to buy this bloody whatever, which is in reality a really big txt file." The answer is almost always no, but I like shiny things.

So it takes me 15 minutes trying to find this thing, because there IS NO DARNED SEARCH FEATURE, which torques me off NO end because EVERYTHING has a search feature, and you have it on the store itself, but not on the history. If I were a nasty, paranoid person, I would wonder whether you do that DELIBERATELY, so I will buy crap all I ready own. Which ticks me off, because there are times y'all charge me as much for one of those $%%@ dresses as I would pay for a REAL dress. But as much as I hate spending 15 minutes searching my order history to find out if I already have DMR CRIMSON WHATSIT, I REALLY hate it when I start installing something, and my comp asks me if I want to install it over the DMR CRIMSON WHATSIT that I ALREADY HAVE. When I went shopping just now, I spent 20 minutes determining that FOUR of the items I was about to spent $50 on, I already had.


Enough. Just enough. I am really reconsidering this hobby/addiction/OCD thing I have been doing for 10 years. FIX THE DAMNED HISTORY FEATURE. I know you can do that. Or at least put in a SEARCH HISTORY feature. Hell, I would be grateful for a "ABCDEF" feature so I could just jump to the Ds. Any code monkey should be able to do it for you. Heck, I've got this 25-year-old IN MY HOUSE that could probably do it. Fix it. Fix it NOW. Because neither you nor your PAs wants me to decide to go cold turkey. Heck, I probably pay your friggin' electric bill every month.

Some of the above is me joking, but I am sincerely, genuinely frustrated, and have been since you opened the new store.

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