What is “sensitivity” in the subD parameters menu.

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I have been playing around with mesh resolution to see if it affects different characters. I know what the different fields mean other than sensitivty. What do different values mean in this field? I have changed the sensitivity values using a sphere, but cannot see a difference.



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    When subdividing there is a setting for Sensitivity. What does this setting control?

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    I have a feeling the reason you didn't getting any answers on this (sorry I missed this first post about this) could be down to not understanding what you exactly mean. I have looked everywhere looking for this Sensitivity setting and for the life of me cannot find it.

    Could you provide a screenshot pointing this out please thne we may be able to help.

    Also what version of Daz Studio exactly are you using?

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    Szark - I don't know how to load an image in a daz forum, so I can give you the path to find it. I am using Studio 4

    Use a DAZ Genesis figure and highlight it. In Parameters highlight Mesh Resolution. In Subdivision Level, click on the wagon wheelish icon on the right and go to parameter settings. You will probably see that the default Sensitivity is 1.

    The reason I want to know what it is is because I have been compiling "Notes" that is an ongoing article on my website: http://www.perpetualvisions.com/new-articles/notes-daz-poser-vue/notes-daz-poser-vue.html

    I write reviews of graphic software as well as tutorials which I post on my website. This ongoing project started about 6 months ago. I basically post information on working with DAZ and integrating the figures in Vue.

    I appreciate this a lot. Also, if you can tell me how to upload an image, that would be great. I haven't looked for instructions, so if they are there, please point me to them.

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    Use your website or an image host. Put a link in your post. Done.

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    batesyboy said:
    Szark - I don't know how to load an image in a daz forum, so I can give you the path to find it. I am using Studio 4

    You upload an image to the forum by using the browse button which is besides the Attachments box below the type screen where you put your message. Click browse and then go the where you have stored the image on your computer, click on it and add it to the box,
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    How to upload an image see pic below. 2 means press preview if you want to add more than one image. So you load one image press preview and then load another.

    Sorry yep know exactly where you are looking now..and in the latest public release DS4.5.1.6 I cannot see the word "Sensitivity" listed. Perhaps it was something in DS4 that got dropped in DS4.5. And because I only have one main computer and DS4 and 4.5 don't play nice installed on the same machine I cannot advise any further.

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    Thanks for the info on loading an image. I was using fast reply instead of post reply so I didn't see anyplace to do it.

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    I am now using Post reply instead of fast reply and can see the attachment area.

    Thanks for the information on SubD and sensitivity. I guess I will forget about it since it isn't in 4.5 and I couldn't see any changes when I used it.

    I guess I should switch to 4.5, but I like 4.

    Thanks again,

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    I think,,, if sensitivitiy is old name of subDivision level,,(value,,),,

    then you created sphere or cube,, and change the parameter ,, (yes you can change 0 to 2 ,,I think,)
    but nothing happned.. not work,,

    it make me sense,,,
    because,, you can not choose high Resolution Level.

    untill you willset sub-D about mesh (eg create sphere), nothing happen.

    then,, you can set sub-D,,(if it had not been setted sub-D) from scene tab menu,,I do not remember,, it was same as ds 4.0.3,, ^^;

    I believe I am right ^^; if I am wrong,, maybe Szark or another member help me,,^^

    if you had known already,, such basic things,, not angry me ><; I am afraid it,,,</p>

    I am only 7 yeas old boy,,

    (about,,3d and ds,,not year,,month,,) %-P

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