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Made any money with your enders?
Posted: 24 November 2012 08:36 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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blondie9999 - 24 November 2012 04:34 AM
Misty Whisky - 24 November 2012 01:26 AM

i’se waiting patiently for the dough to come rolling in from zazzle, followed closely by the saints marching band.

Ha-ha, I hope you’re not holding your breath!

Selling stuff on sites like Zazzle and Cafe Press is extremely difficult; there are so many “stores” there that no one will ever even find your stuff unless you publicize it somehow yourself.  Otherwise it just gets lost in the quagmire.


2 days now and not a sales.  it’s a hard heart to resist a kitteh girl render on a mug or a tentacle render on a beer stein, lol

they have a rated r rating. maybe will do better with naked vicky temple renders, on mouse pads. smile


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