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Hello!! always fighting with the re install of content, after a hard disk crash!
does anybody knows why, with that poser pro 9, the runtime isn't automatically detected?
why, on my precedent computer, install content was so easy, with poser 7?
even if I go manually get the poser runtime, it is empty, when arriving in carrara 8 pro (1.1.12)
Does the poser content which is given with the soft , normally appears in C8? or just, (when it works) the daz content???

pfff, thank you for help!

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    Hi Celmar :)

    When you "add runtime" are you selecting the Poser / Runtime folder,..

    Or just the main Poser folder, which contains the runtime.

    You only need to select the main poser folder which has theruntime folder in it.
    that should Add it with a title , such as Poser 9 runtime, or Poser2012 runtime.

    See pic.

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    3dage, it seems that the problem is "poser pro"... don't know why, and maybe I'm wrong, but on another computer, an old one, I have poser 4, from "curious lab", a really old thing... installing V4 and M4, and detecting the runtime in C8 has been very simple, not any problem!...

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    oh, also the difference between the two computers is that one, where installing is so problematic, is Under Windows 8, and the other Under win7...

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    ok, i,ve seen that I'm not the only one...http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/11688/
    how to solve, don't know...

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    I've been thinking that this may be a Win 8 thing,..

    For example,. My Win7 has all sorts of "User Account Controls",. which were much less restrictive on WinXP,

    Sometimes these restrict what you can do, to protect your system,. which is fine,. but sometimes it limit's what files and folders you can access. some folders are Hidden, even from administrators.

    I don't have Win 8 installed,.. so I don't know why or what errors you're getting which prevent you from installing any software.

    Have you tried Win7 compatibility mode. ?

    Any error messages, or screen captures of what errors you're getting, may be helpful.

    At what point does V4 stop installing ? ..What errors do you get ?

    Can you add the Runtime folders to Carrara Manually ? if not,.....What errors? ....any images or information,


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    The suggestion of installing those items onto the Older system,. then transferring the files onto the new system would be the only real work around / solution for this issue,.

    It's apparent from those screen captures,. that what you get is an empty window, ...where you should see the installer options.

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