Installing daz content to Poserpro 64 bit.

Just done a new clean install of Posepro 2012 when I built my new PC, now putting Gen 4 figures back on and wondering I get content and getting rid of the message that says ,When used with Poser TM, "Victoria 4.1 Base" must be installed to the same directory as the application executable; due to restrictions on support file locations. Please select the directory that contains your Poser executable. '


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    Select DAZ Studio as the target application, not Poser, and EXACTLY the same files will be installed. The installer is looking for a program called poser.exe which Poser Pro does not have.

    You must also install the V4 morphs, A4 and Gril4 etcetc, into the ame folder, and that applies to Morphs++ for V4 as well.

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    Shame one has to use a work around because the installer is such a pain.

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    Do what most everyone else does and make a text doc in you PP2012 content dir and rename it poser.exe
    or Any other Folder you want V4 in (like Her Own maybe?)

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