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Stylised anime heads for genesis

SonofbelmontSonofbelmont Posts: 67
edited November 2012 in Daz Studio Discussion

although I like the Hiro, Hitomi and Aiko shapes already available for Genesis I'd really like to get a more stylised head shape for some of my anime characters, so my question is this :
How well does Gen X handle the Aiko 3 stylised head morph and can it transfer something like this Belbel morph?

I tried manually transferring the aiko 3 stylised head morph using the transfer utility and experienced problems with the eyes and nose, and although I've heard good things about Gen X I'd like to know whether it will handle the shapes I want without similar issues arising.
any help would be appreciated

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  • zigraphixzigraphix Posts: 2,814
    edited December 1969

    I may be mistaken, but I think Belbel might have been an alternate CR2, not a morph. But the Kioki and Hitoro morphs translate with GenX pretty well, and you can get quite a lot of variety with them.

  • SonofbelmontSonofbelmont Posts: 67
    edited December 1969

    may be mistaken, but I think Belbel might have been an alternate CR2, not a morph

    I just assumed it was a morph because the additional information said it was compatible with A3
    on closer inspectation it even says it's a different mesh in the description, In future I'll have to remember to read all of the text in product descriptions .:red:

    Thanks for pointing out the Kioki and Hitoro morphs I never noticed them before and they do look quite good, I guess if Gen X can handle those pretty well than it should have no trouble with the aiko 3 stylised morph either.

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